So, I was never a great reader growing up and I did write, for a while, for myself.  I was ok with this status quo until I set out to become a reading specialist.  It hit me; to be the best literacy teacher, I had to become a reader and a writer.  Read my first post to see how this came to be.  But here are a few other pertinent details about myself as a learner and teacher in chronological order.

I scored average “C” on all language arts standardized tests growing up, but was an “A” student.

I used to keep a writer’s notebook, even though I had no idea that’s what it was called.

I began as DC Teaching Fellow and was quite literally thrown into the classroom.

The best professional development I’ve had was the birth of my two boys.

I’m an elementary teacher first and enjoy experiences with a variety students from a variety of places.

I am addicted to learning and now hold three degrees: BS in Child Development/Cognitive Studies, MAT in Elementary Education and M.Ed in Reading Education

I now want to become a better reader, a better writer and a better sharer of knowledge.

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